Smash Bros: King Bach

While working on a project with Anaid Mekić we were not aware that we were actually a part of a skit by Cold Ones – a talk show and podcast hosted by Anything4Views.

They were sponsored by Fiverr to come up with ridiculous scenarios and commission freelancers to execute those ideas via Fiverr platform.

We were tasked with portraying King Bach, better known as Andrew Bachelor – one of the most famous youtube and vine creators, as a new character in Smash Bros video game.

Character design, Storyboard and Animation: Anaid Mekić
3D Modeling: Haris Hrbat, Sohan Nanda, Anton Fathoni
Rigging: Gaurav Garg, Mrinal Soni
Rendering and Compositing: Nadir Herić
Sound design: Arif Neretlić

ClientCold OnesServices3D

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